Dayawati Modi Academy

Computer programming (or “coding”) camps are for kids of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. These camps allow your child to acquire essential knowledge and skills in this burgeoning field. They also provide programs and courses tailored to your child’s proficiency, knowledge, and interests. Studies suggest that coding enable kids to learn relevant and competitive skills whilst developing a problem-solving mindset from an early age.

Welcome To Coding World

Avilable Courses

1. Web  Designing For Classes VI to XII – Fee ₹1500

Languages used to build and design the face of every website.

In this course, learn all of the essentials for web designing. Using Web Designing, You’ll learn how web applications work and create a web application!

2. Python For Classes VI to XII – Fee ₹1500

Python is a powerful language that is used in websites, machine learning and more. When students complete Intro to Programming with Python, they will be able to: Build basic programs using fundamental programming constructs like variables, conditional logic, looping, and functions. Work with user input to create fun and interactive programs.

3. JavaScript For Classes VI to XII – Fee ₹1500

4. Junior Programing For Classes III to V – Fee ₹1500