Robotics Lab

Tinkering is about getting hands-on experience, learning from errors, and having unstructured time to explore and innovate, and the potential for creativity rests in the processes of exploration and creation. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab is all about tinkering and coming up with new ideas.
    At DMA, we think that our schools should serve as a filtering mechanism, allowing children to select and pursue their areas of interest. Our educational system is not focused on teaching technology, yet we want our students to be tomorrow’s engineers. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab can inspire students to pursue technology while also preparing them for the fourth industrial revolution (Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence).

Benefits of Robotics Lab

  • Exposure and awareness in new technologies.
  • Fuel the passion for learning new knowledge and skills.
  • Helps children to set their long term career goals.
  • Learning by doing improves children’s cognitive development and self development.