Parents & Students Testimonials

Dr. Anuj Rastogi provided valuable parenting tips that have proven to be priceless in addressing our challenges. I express my gratitude to Dr. Rastogi and the DMA team for their support and this session.

Yajuvendra Kumar


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Anuj Rastogi for an enlightening session on parenting. I gained valuable insights for nurturing my child. Thank you so much.

Samreen, mother of Sofa Ali, student of Class 6C.


The program organized by the school administration, featuring Dr. Anuj Rastogi on child psychology, and development, was exceptionally informative. Many parents raised questions related to child-care, and the doctor responded with great examples. It's a commendable initiative addressing children's daily challenges

Regards, YD Singh, father of Tanishq Singh, Class 9th.


The session with Dr. Anuj Rastogi provided valuable insights into handling our children. His parenting tips were highly beneficial. I am grateful to DMA for providing us with this opportunity.

Thank you, Harsh Baliyan, Father Of Aarav Rathi.


It was a very good initiative by DMA school to organise such a great interactive session with Doctor Anuj Rastogi on parenting. It will really help us to tackle or children and challenges what we face in today's lifestyle. I really appreciate the efforts by the school had put forward to organise such a good interactive session.

Thank you! Vimal Kumar Chauhan


हेलो सर मुझे आपकी Knowledge से बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिला, यह मेरा फर्स्ट experience है मुझे आप जैसे सर को सुनने का मौका मिला शायद मैं आपके विचारों को अपने बच्चों के Growth में लाने का पूरा प्रयास करूंगी|

Mother of Shanaya Thakur VI C


I am very satisfied to doctor Anuj Rastogi. He is very politely giving my answers. He is very understanding, smart and joyfully in his answers. I want to be meeting in school every time because I am very satisfied and happy.

Mother Of Vanya Singh I C


The seminar with doctor Anuj Rastogi sir is really helpful. Question and answer Session was means a lot and help us in better parenting. Experience shared by doctor Anuj Rastogi gives us an idea for dealing with daily routine problems with children. Special thanks to DMA management for organising this event and inviting us for participating the same.

Regards Vinay Verma Father of Pahal Soni Id


It's a privilege being a part of the DMA fraternity. DMA rocks for its high-profile teaching faculty. They are not only mentors but also torchbearers, guiding kids towards all-round holistic development under the auspices of brilliant teachers. Happy to be a part of this community. -

Maanit Lekhi, Class 8


Visiting the DMI Skill Mela was a great experience. The school and students worked very hard and innovatively to present several scientific exhibits, especially the medical ones. It was truly a remarkable experience for me.

- Father of Ishan Singh, 9th grade


Amazing leadership, great teachers, and good overall development of students. Best coverage in international and national awards and ratings. I rate my child's school as the best school in the country."

Monika Chauhan M/O Of Viraj Chauhan SKG A


मान्यवर दयावती मोदी एकेडमी का एक शानदार शिक्षण वातावरण है। जिसमें अपने बच्चों को भेज कर हम काफी अच्छा महसूस करते हैं। शिक्षण के अतिरिक्त अन्य गतिविधियों के माध्यम से भी बच्चों के सर्वांगीण विकास में काफी मदद मिलती है। इस संस्थान को भविष्य के लिए भी हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। -

प्रदीप कुमार शर्मा, खतौली.


I like everything about my school, DMA is the world's best school for me. I like all my teachers, and thanks to principal Ma'am for helping me to grow and for my all-round development. -

Keshav, 7C.


Very good school! I thank the school and the teachers for their efforts in the class. I am thankful to the school and the teachers for making my child confident in academics and extracurricular activities. I am very satisfied with the school. -

Mother of Manvik Ahuja, 7C.


My child is very confident and a good speaker now. I thank the school and teachers for their efforts in class. The school is very good, and I want my child to participate in all activities. Please motivate my child

Mother of Aanchal, 7th B.


I felt very relieved to know that many national and international magazines are covering the learning process of the school. Indeed, this school is setting new records of excellence. My best wishes to all.

DR. VP Chaudhary


Dear Ma'am Utkarsh 2023 was not just an event. It was an incredible experience that left us asking for more. The whole performance was aptly in sync with the theme of historical India. Kudos to the hard work of teachers, students and school management. We eagerly wait for a sensual experience next year as well.

Charu Sharma M/O Manya Tripathi XI L


Good Evening Mam The annual function can be summed up in just one word as 'Spectacular Show'. I have never seen such grand show in my entire life.It was no less than a Bollywood award show. My army friends from all over India after watching my status videos are messaging and asking that which school is this ? Each item gave us goosebumps and high adrenaline rush.The lights and sound effect made it even more glorious. It was fabulous mam.

Renesa's Mother


I would like to thank you for curating and organizing a beautiful dance performance in Annual function . It was so wonderful to see all participants dancing so gracefully displaying their confidence. Thank you for putting so much effort in training students in a short span of time. I am glad that all students have gained some skills from you. The dance performance was well choreographed and was presented in a strong and impressive manner. Thank you once again for your great work. Regards



The children performed gracefully and confidently. The stage was very well set for all the children. The arrangements for the parents were great. The whole experience was overwhelming. Hats off to the teachers, principal, management for putting handwork and making a show a great success. The amount of handwork was visible in the children's performance Special thanks to you all for giving kids so much love and warmth.

Ratika Rastogi, mother of Tavisha Rastogi


A hearty thanks to Respected Principal Ma'am and Sonia Ma'am was a marvelous performance.... Your cooperation means a lot without the great teachers ....such performances can't be held.. Thanks a lot May the students seek abundance of skills from such ocean of Melody

Anaya Sharma JKG A


Respected ma'am First of all thank you principal Mam and all teachers for giving apportunity for enjoying the function and also the opportunity to be on the stage for our kids. Right from the theme to costume and the level of confidence shown by the children on stage was amazing. All kids were looking so cute. It was awesome function and great effort by all staff members . It was awesome function

Parents of Aadhya Chaudhary JKG - c


I would like to congratulate and thank all the staff members, principal ma’am and lovely kids for a very delightful and wonderful experience..!!! It was a terrific show which showcased the abilities of our children thereby making them more confident as a person. In short it was a grand success..... Name "UTKARSH" which you chosen is Prosperity Or Awakening Or High Quality Advancement....and literally the children showed it through the act


Dear ma'am We are so grateful and honoured to be a part of DMA family. We had an absolutely wonderful time watching our highlanders perform. It was a well executed and amazingly planned performance. A big round of applause to all the entire school manegement, participants , principal ma'am and teachers for making this possible. We had a fantastic time and looking forward for many such programmes. Thankyou so much Regards

Sapna Mother of Prithvi Rana


Good evening ma'am I would like to congratulate to all the teachers and staff who made this event a grand success. The kids performed gracefully and confidently. The whole experience was overwhelming. Hats off to the teachers, principal, management for putting handwork and making a show a great success. Special Thanks to you for giving kids so much love and warmth 


Very well organized . Thanx a lot mam .A big thanku and a big congratulations for successful of very first virtual annual function for our kid . It was a terrific show which showcased the abilities of our little one thereby making them confident as a person. Thanku sooo much mam again


Good evening ma'am. This is Yunay Mishra's mother, Pooja Mishra. When our child performed on stage for the first time, we were both ecstatic at first; it was incredible.Aside from his dance, we really enjoyed the skit and all of the student performances; it was clear that the school and the students worked really hard, and the outcomes were astounding.It exceeded our expectations considering it was our first time.We are pleased to have this affiliation with the institution.Looking forward for many such events in the future.Thank you once again for being so co-operative and understanding.

Yunay Mishra's mother, Pooja Mishra


Good evening ma'am, ma'am thank you for inviting us to a wonderful evening. We enjoyed a lot in annual function and we liked one thing that in the annual function, the children who worked hard in the whole year were rewarded and motivated by teachers and the dance done by the children were so brilliant and everyone maintained a discipline.

Anita devi Mother of Rashi 11th L


Hello ma'am A big congratulations for the success of annual function. It was amazing. We have never seen such type of performances in schools. The performance of each and every student was commendable and also the efforts of school staff. A very big thank you to all of you to showcase the abilities of our kids and make them more confident . All the arrangements were very well organized. Our best wishes always be there for this organization.

Regards Parents of Vidhi Sharma


Dear Ma'am It was an amazing and entertaining annual function . Very well managed and coordinated by all teachers and staff and Principal maam of DMA along with hard work of coordinators and the team members of choreographers. The participant kids also worked really hard and are overjoyed and elated that the hard work paid off.

Aditis(VII-A) Mother- Dr. Akanksha Agrawal


Hello Mam, Good evening A big round of applause to all the participants and teachers for making this possible. Hats off to the teachers, principal, and management for putting in hard work and making the show a great success. We had an absolutely wonderful time watching our highlanders perform. It was a well-executed and amazingly planned performance. Congratulations to all the teachers and the entire team who organized such a fabulous function. It was great to see all kids perform so well with a lot of confidence. It was amazing and so well coordinated We really had a fantastic time and looking forward to many such programs. Thank you for all the support. Thanking you, Yours sincerely,

Parents of Soham Reddy (VII C) and Ishika Reddy (IV E) Mr. Shiv Reddy


Dear all DMA family members I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible effort and dedication you all put into organizing this year's annual function. It was undoubtedly a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who attended. From the mesmerizing performances to the beautifully coordinated decorations and flawless logistics, every aspect of the event was executed with utmost precision and professionalism. The hard work, creativity, and attention to detail were truly commendable. I was particularly impressed by the seamless flow of the program, which showcased the diverse talents of our students and fostered a strong sense of community spirit. The energy and enthusiasm that filled the auditorium were palpable, making it an unforgettable experience for all. In addition, the inclusive atmosphere and the way every student was given a chance to shine reflected the values we hold dear as an educational institution. It was heartwarming to witness the support and encouragement from both the organizing team and the audience. Though it must have been a daunting task to plan and execute such a large-scale event, your unwavering dedication and teamwork ensured its success. You have undoubtedly set a new benchmark for future annual functions. On behalf of the entire school community, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to each and every member of the organizing committee. Your efforts have not only brought immense joy to all of us but also created lasting memories for our students. Thank you once again for your exceptional work and for making this annual function a truly memorable event. With sincere appreciation,

Ankit Bansal F/O Ansh Bansal 8-G


Dear Principal Ma'am and Esteemed Teachers, I express my heartfelt congratulations to you and the entire staff of Dayawati Modi Academy for the outstanding annual function and award distribution ceremony. Attending the event was not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me, but an experience that left a lasting impression. I was particularly touched by the school's commendable initiative to be inclusive and sensitive to the needs of children with special abilities. In a world where inclusivity is often overlooked, witnessing the dedication of the school towards creating an environment that caters to every child was truly inspiring. As I traveled back in history to my own school days, I couldn't help but feel honored and thrilled to be part of such a significant event. The efforts put forth by the school in nurturing not only academic excellence but also compassion and understanding are commendable. I extend my sincere thanks to the entire team for their hard work and commitment in making the annual function a memorable and impactful event. Your dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive educational environment does not go unnoticed. Once again, congratulations on this remarkable feat, and thank you for your continuous efforts in shaping the future of our children. Warm regards



Respected Mam Greetings for the Day, First, please accept my sincere regards how your teachers are working towards the students' benefits in this pandemic time. I want to give tons of thanks to all of you.I am very much happy to see the development in my daughter under your mentorship. Thank you for your hard work in supporting my daughter as she develops. Your patience and commitment to supporting my child has meant a lot to our family. With your guidance, our daughter has developed into a confident and capable child. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development. Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher. Our child’s skills have developed considerably while under your care. Thank you for helping her to develop the skills and confidence that she will carry forward into the next school year. At the beginning of the class 9th Session I wanted to change my daughter's school but as I communicated with you and my daughter started communicating with you, we found drastic change and improvement in my daughter's confidence. Now we drop the idea of changing the school. We didn’t want a teacher who simply educates our child. We wanted someone who cares for our child. By helping our daughter develop her social skills and feel confident in life, you have been exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t be more thankful that we have had you in our daughter's lives. It’s great to see how visible and accessible you are all the time. We need a teacher who is available for discussions about our child, and we’ve found that with you. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, and you have been a stable and supportive part of our daughter’s life through this time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

With warm regards Mrs. Priyanka Chaudhary Mr. Omveer Singh Parents of Vidisha Choudhary Class Xth (A)


Dear Madam, The seamless and tireless efforts of the faculty and the supporting staff cannot be matched in words. All the measures taken by your team for smooth conduct of classes and timely completion of syllabus are in line with the new scenario. Last but not the least, expressing my gratitude and respect for each one of you. I request you to make ongoing tests to be more stringent. Thank you

Regards Renu Kaushal Mother of Manan Kaushal Class – X A


We wanted a supportive, nurturing, and challenging environment that rewards independence, kindness to others, and hard work. Education with compassion and creativity, DMA did all of this. The teachers are constantly encouraging students to do their best. It is great knowing that they are there to help reach children their full potential.”

Parents of Arunav VIII D


We were looking for curriculum with an academic focus, however with teachers and staff that were very nurturing and caring. Dayawati Modi Academy more than met our expecations. Our child thrived at this school academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers had a major part in this positive experience.

Parents of Aradhaya VIII F


"Both my children are studying in Dawayati Modi Academy and have grown up progressively. They have shown an immense confidence level in speaking skills. They love to participate in almost all the activities conducted by the school. They get ample opportunity to explore through different concept and theme based activities. Dayawati Modi Academy is a wonderful school where teachers teach children sincerely.I am proud to be associated with the school."

Parents of Janavi VII C


My child is studying in school from past one year. I am very satisfied by seeing improvement and remarkable confidence level in my child's overall personality development, speaking skills and physical activity. I like the teaching system of DAYAWATI MODI ACADEMY where focus is given on less child student teacher ratio. I would like to extend my gratitude towards School and also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue

Parents of Navya VII B


Proud of my school I am Anya, I joined D.M.A. in class 6th as I was shifted from another city, everything was new to me and by nature I am a bit shy in opening up with my new environment. On very first day of my school, I was so nicely welcomed and introduced by the teachers that the school was no new to me. The positivity in school environment has always helped me to achieve better. The understanding behaviour of the teachers has always helped me to display my creativity and better aspects of myself. We have an excellent principal ma'am and wonderful staff members who all together work in such coordination that the school was and will be the no.1 school of the city. The beautiful infrastructure of school, the labs and security system too adds to the beauty of the school

Anya Mishra VIII H


It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic broke out. Every child and his parents were in doubt as to how will the academics continue. But DMA solved it all with the introduction of online classes. The classes are extremely interactive and informative. The teachers have always been on the verge to help the students and are conscious 24*7. All the academic assignments, text, tests etc. are presented in such a simple and elaborative way so as to make sure that each one of us understands the concepts. This has really proved that DMA is the best and I am proud of being a student of this 21st century learning school.

Shreysth Verma VIII H


I am a student of DMA since 2019. It is a lovely place. It is sparkling clean and tidy at all times of day. It smells so pleasant. I would be willing to bet that it has the biggest outdoor play yard of any other school in the city. The teachers are lively and energetic. All of them are so patient and engage with all the students. Furthermore, this school instilled in me leadership, time management, and public speaking skills, enabling me to grow as a student and lifelong learner.

Arshiya VIII H


I am proud to study in one of the best schools in Meerut . It helps in child's overall development in both academics and extra curricular activities. The school is structured in such a way that equal importance is given to other activities such as dancing, debate competitions, art etc. The teachers are really co-operative and friendly and give equal attention to every child. They help the child to understand every concept to the core with no compromise in quality. The atmosphere in the school is so warm and welcoming. Our principal Dr.Mrs.Ritu Dewan is so sweet and caring and if anyone faces any problem or suggestions regarding something we can easily approach her and solves our problems. The way our school has handled learning during the pandemic has been excellent.

Avani Chaudhary IX-C


D.M.A, Equipped with an intellectual, caring and inspiring faculty, family like teachers, a peaceful learning environment, the most beautiful and nature friendly campus, the best sports and I.T facilities, the school has helped me developmentally, physically and socially at an exponential rate. It has implanted me with leadership, social and cultural skills. Our principal is also very caring and a visionary and sees global citizens in us. I feel very secure while at school. The teachers help me explore the talent inside me. That’s why it is the best school as for me and I take pride in calling myself a Dmaite.



"I am extremely happy with the teaching and curriculum at DMI. The school has very good infrastructure, uses the latest teaching aids and has the ideal student-teacher ratio to make the process of learning much more effective."

Ms. Ritu Chauhan, (M/O Parinika, V)


"The school has made a huge difference to my child's attitude towards learning. My child no longer shies away from textbooks and loves attending the school."

Mr. Amit Chaturvedi,(F/O Aanya, V)


"Our association with DMA has been wonderful and fruitful one. My child is doing good in academics. He is become more confident, verbal and expressive."

Mr. Pankaj Sharma & Ms. Deepa Sharma, (Parent of Anant, III)


"My child enjoys coming to school. I don't need to push him to go to school. This is a great satisfaction for me."

Mr. Vishal Srivastava,(F/O Shubh, II)


"It is a wonderful experience to see visible changes in my daughter's behaviour and social attitude. She used to be extremely quiet but after joining DMI, she got the required platform to enhance her personal and social skills."

Ms. Sumiti Chawla,(M/O Sanvi, II)


"Something which pleased me was my son started speaking in English. He never tried to speak in English in his previous school. I give the entire credit to his teachers."

Ms. Shweta Agarwal,(M/O Shikhar Agarwal, II)


“I have only positive words for Dayawati Modi Academy, Meerut. The carefully planned and developmentally age-appropriate activities and experiences by knowledgeable and caring teachers have enabled my son Siddharth (VIII F) to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We felt the warmth of the teachers and staff that makes Dayawati Modi Academy a wonderful experience for us as parents and our children during this precious time in their lives. Knowing we have given our children the proper foundation at Dayawati Modi Academy, Meerut, makes us feel confident that they have gained skills and experiences they will carry with them. Students also get the opportunity to develop a strong sense of community, resilience, self-confidence, the ability to speak up and be heard, teamwork, thinking creatively, and investigating to solve problems and find answers. I highly recommend the school to everybody, and It has been an excellent decision for me to send my son to Dayawati Modi Academy, Meerut.”

Dr. Alpana Joshi (Mother of class VIII F student Siddharth)


I appreciate the school’s staff for being role models for our students.I appreciate your efforts in guiding the students through the right path. I am satisfied with my child's performance and i hope you will help her to perform better.

Alka Tyagi & Sunit Tyagi Parent of Avishika tyagi VIII E


Hello everyone, So here i am to tell about my son Atharva Ahuja who is currently studying in class viii of DMA. Atharva had joined DMA in class 7th. It was a new school for him with a new environment and a class with no friends. Atharva is my younger child with an age difference of 8 years between the two siblings, so more pampered and softly handled. Atharva took his own time to adjust..gave a tough time to all his teachers regarding his academic performance, behaviour in class or submitting his notebooks on time. Teachers here are really patient..i would say the best in town who worked hard with him...counselling him and understanding him with love and experience. He is slowly adapting to the fraternity . He has made friends, understands what teachers are saying and improving upon his mischievous behaviour. The school has given him such a warm and caring environment and seeing the outstanding performance of senior students he wants to be an entrepreneur and make everyone proud .

Vinita Ahuja ( mother of Atharva)


We are very much satisfied with the grooming of our ward. Her overall performance and development is very good. Her attitude is developing very well. She is learning a lot of new things daily and communicating with to us very well. We appreciate the Effort Put By The Teachers and The Staff in Taking Care Of Our Ward.

Mitali Gagneja 8th-G Dharmesh Gagneja and Pooja Gagneja


Good morning, My name is Pritika Sharma. My son Samarth Sharma is studying in DMA school. My son Samarth is in the 7th grade. In terms of facilities the school is fantastic. It is clean, it got amazing teachers and a wonderful environment, because I feel that I can meet any time and discuss any problem the kids having here. Parents can speak to the teachers in any point of time. School focuses on the overall development of the children. There are many extracurricular activities and sports. My son enjoy all and especially the art and sports section. All teacher's are really positive and helpful. They makes learning easy and comfortable for kids. This helped my son in developing his personality. I would like to thank Principal ma’am and all teachers for providing such a positive and inspiring environment for kids to learn. Thank you.

Pritika Sharma M/O Samarth Sharma VII


My son Debopratim Roy is studying at class VIII of DMA. Besides regular class, he is attending music class and competing in inter school music competition, school assembly performance, school functions etc. He has joined NCC at school. He is also doing some literary activities in school. I am satisfied the way he getting groomed in the school. Many thanks and regards to principal Madam and teachers of DMA.

Debashis Roy F/O Debopratim Roy


It's a privilege and not an obligation to get education in DMA School. I chose this school for my son Suryansh Garg with an expectation of giving him the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities The learning experiences are beyond my expectations. I noticed that he has become more imaginative, disciplined and curious while doing all his activities and his confidence has significantly improved. I really appreciate the way teachers encourage kids to speak and interact with them and not to be afraid of them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank school team members for nurturing my ward. I really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and moulding him towards the path which surely will lead to success.Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge. Last but not the least thanks to all teaching and non teaching staff for keeping our child in safe and secure environment.

Suryansh Garg VIII-C Mr.Manoj Kumar Garg(Father) Dr.Rakhi Garg(Mother)


"Over the years, we have witnessed remarkable growth in our ward's personal grooming. The school's focus on character development has been evident through their interactions and conduct. Academically, our ward has consistently shown progress, thanks to the dedicated teaching staff and conducive learning environment. The range of extracurricular activities offered has allowed our ward to explore various interests and develop well-rounded skills. We're pleased with the holistic approach the school takes in nurturing our child."

Zara Hayat Khan 8 E


Dear Principal Ma'am I am glad that my child is studying in, 'Dayawati Modi Academy' , this is the best school I have found in my surroundings, it helped my child to grow her self confidence and helped her in sizing up her potentials. I found this school the best in all the fields whether it is sports, academics or even other curricular activities. I am pleased and satisfied with my decision of enrolling my child in this school.

Thank you Jatinder Pal Singh F/O Jashar Kaur 10 A


Dear DMA Family This is to state my delighted thanks to Dayawati Modi Academy, a school where learning is Fun. The administration is very good and also friendly. The teachers are excellent at their work and play a commendable role in my child's studies. The environment that the teachers and staff members make is amazing. I thanks DMA for all of this and hope they will continue to bring the best from each and every student.

Regards Rashmi Singh M/O Abhinav 10 A


Good Afternoon Madam, My daughter AAROHI SANWAL took admission in DMA in 2019-20 and currently she is studying in class IX A. The school has a very congenial, positive and vibrant environment which help the child to grow in multifarious dimensions. The school is also very good on the Academic front and time to time grooming sessions are organised to nurture the capabilities and latent potentials of each child. DMA is overall a very good institution which truly proves the saying, “No body can be taught, only an environment of learning can be created.”

Regards, Sudhir Sanwal F/O Aarohi Sanwal IX A


Respected teachers , As we all know that an Educational Institute plays the most important role in the life of a ward and so do yours no doubt . I remember when Kushagra first walked through the doors of DMI , he was nervous and unsure of what to expect. However from the very beginning he was warmly welcomed into a community that truly cares about the success and grooming of its student widely. I have seen a lot of change in my ward's personality . He has developed enough boldness and confidence . His quality of being an actor enhanced because of the cultural platforms provided by you. In academics he is improving day by day. The faculty, the administrators and the complete staff of your school is really very smart and performing their duties very well. I feel honoured from the side of my ward to be a part of one of the best Institutions of Meerut. Thanking You

Parents of Kushagra Deshwal  Xth F


Dear DMA family I am delighted to share my thoughts and experiences regarding the grooming, academics, activities, and general development of my beloved daughter Avnika.I am immensely grateful for your unwavering commitment towards nurturing her potential. Your personalized attention and inspiring approach have made a lasting impact on her academic and personal growth.Thanks!!

Regards Jagdeep Thakur F/O Avnika Singh  10 A


Dayawati Modi Academy offers an array of benefits to its students. It provides state-of-the-art science labs with the latest technology and equipment for experiments, experienced and knowledgeable faculty members, a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing problem solving skills and critical thinking, and extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and theater. The school also provides a safe and nurturing environment that encourages collaboration among students, specialized programs to equip them with the skills needed for success in college and beyond, access to a wide range of resources including libraries, computer labs, and other learning materials for research purposes, flexible scheduling options allowing for individualized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs and interests, a positive school culture that promotes respect for diversity among its students, faculty, and staff members alike, and an emphasis on experiential learning through field trips, guest speakers, internships, and other hands-on activities.

Mayank singh  12 B


Dayawati Modi Academy offers an array of benefits to its students. It provides state-of-the-art science labs with the latest technology and equipment for experiments, experienced and knowledgeable faculty members, a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing problem solving skills and critical thinking, and extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and theater. The school also provides a safe and nurturing environment that encourages collaboration among students, specialized programs to equip them with the skills needed for success in college and beyond, access to a wide range of resources including libraries, computer labs, and other learning materials for research purposes, flexible scheduling options allowing for individualized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs and interests, a positive school culture that promotes respect for diversity among its students, faculty, and staff members alike, and an emphasis on experiential learning through field trips, guest speakers, internships, and other hands-on activities.

Mayank singh  12 B


We are very thankful to DMA team for giving full attention to particular child in all the feilds academics as well as activity based child development program. Teachers are too caring and supportive. Teachers are feetting a keen interest in teaching the in their sincere efforts and teaching the kids.

Mrs. Raveena Sigh. Advik Singh's Mother Class-III-A


Dayawati Modi Academy has groomed my child holistically. The school has given my child the optimum environment to grow. The activity based studies is what she loves the most. The curriculum of the school has always helped her shine in both studies and allied school activities.

Swasti Mishra Mother of Ms. Anya Mishra X-I


I am very pleased and thankful to the teachers and staff who have constantly put immense efforts in the development of my child. The school environment provides number of opportunities for academics as well as co curricular activities. As a parent I highly appreciate the endeavour taken by DMA to embrace and nurture these young minds

Dr. Aran Kamar FO Shreysth Varma X I


Quality education

Parent of Manvi Singh VI C


I am impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is different from other schools. Well planned worksheets for practice makes my child think beyond prescribed Textbooks.

Parent of Aniccha Masand VI A


All DMA staff and the teachers of the school have helped RISHIKA a lot in every field. Very supportive Teacher's and staff...thank you for everything.

Parent of Rishika Dutta VI C


School needs to change there approach for weeker students, as it seemed they are focusing on particular students for any cultural activities.,You need to give the names of such non participants students forcefully on such events,Secondly, English speaking skills in students need to be checked.

Parent of Alu Mohammad VI D


He has become more responsible and respectful. Takes care of his surroundings and helps others in whatever way he can

Parent of Vatsal JainVI E


Very nice school fully satisfied with the school my child get to learn more n more things everyday

Parent of Tanishqa Sharma VI D


Yes , it's helped to grooming to my child in education, physicaly and mental.its also worked in social ,

Parent of Abhya singh VI C


Lots of activities for holistic development of child

Parent of Samanyu Chaudhary VI F


Has improve in discipline , work culture, academic and personality.

Parent of Devansh VI F


Can groom by participate in different activities and maximum participation in stage programs

Parent of Akarsh RawatV F


She has become more responsible , disciplined and organised.She can manage according to time.

Parent of Akshita bhati VI F


Yes DMA is very much helped in the grooming my child teachers are very helpful to growing each and every child mainly science and maths stream are very careful to teach each students education.

Parent of Koustav Banerjee VI F


It would be great if more focus on english communication skills and personality development, speech etc. Also help to clear doubt of student if he/she has.

Parent of Abhiraj Pundir VI F


Teachers are very cooperative and always ready to help the students. Teacher always encourage the students to participate in their area of interest and build a natural personality in them.

Parent of Aditya Shukla VI F


Within my experience of past 3 years I have seen a dramatic change in the speaking and writing skills of my daughter. Her confidence level has increased a lot. All because of the friendly and creative environment DMA has provided her with...

Parent of Avni Singh VI A


DMA helped my child with learning english and many values like helping, sharing, respect, kindness and many others values

Parent of Pari Gautam VI D


We are blessed about this school since our i have visited a lot of ptm in school I have seen that the classrooms and the corridor is very clean,this it the best school

Parent of Harshit verma VI A


The various kind of activities undertaken by the school has built confidence, provided a sense of community, helping my daughter more connected and supported. It also helps her in reducing stress and utilising her time more effectively.

Parent of Aashna Prusty VI A


Quality education

Parent of Avani VI E



Parent of Sumvit Chaudhary VI B


Maanit has a growing interest in reading and enhanced learning because of all the experiential learning at school. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire teaching faculty. ,On the contrary, Maanit had been an active participant in all school activities in his previous school which I find missing badly. He used to get rewards and appreciation as well in most of his participation. Also the allied subjects like 3rd language and computers are not being taken on a serious note.,Request you to kindly take an action on the same.

Parent of Maanit Lekhi VI A


DMA style of study, which includes activities also, groom my child in 360 degree way.

Parent of Peehu Panwar VI A


DMA identifies the strength and weakness of our kids and works to improve weakness and to shape the strength scientifically. DMA naver forsed students to study the orthodox education the institution give space to students to unfold their wings and to clear there doubts under the supervision of tremendous experienced teacher , at the same time DMA grume the moral values of students. It can help to build an ideal community and a strong nation.,I am looking forward and hope the legacy of the institution will continue.,My best wishes.,Rahul Kumar F/O Annika 6 B

Parent of Annika VI B


There are lot of changes I see in my child he becomes confident, independent, he loves to help others.I feel really lucy that my child is the part of DMA family



By giving him him /her best education and atiqutes

Parent of Siddharth verma


By education, By activities, By academy's, By art and craft, By sports, By best teachers

Parent of Arnav Goyal


The school has a safe and secure campus, along with academic excellence and adequate opportunities for co-curricular activities. Students are guided and encouraged by teachers to participate, perform and lead. This helps us to become better everyday .



The school provides a wide range of subject choices . Multiple computer labs provide hands-o experience in the technological sector along with the well equipped science labs. The library has a rich collection of books- fiction and non- fiction , magazines and journals . The Communication class helps me to build confidence and polish my public speaking skills.



The school provides educational and workshop tours to help students explore new career options. The school makes utmost efforts to make the environment, clean, green and positive. The labs in the school provide every required facility required by the students



DMA has given me a lot of exposure to enhance my overall personality and improve my communication skills as well. The school library has a large bookstore , which has enhanced my interest in reading . The school staff has been extremely supportive not only academically but also beyond the classes.



Teachers at DMA are cooperative and understanding. Various trips are organised by the institution so that knowledge can be enhanced beyond the books. I am grateful to DMA for giving adequate opportunities for pursuing co- curricular activities.



I am thankful to the dedicated and supportive staff of DMA who have provided me with a suitable environment for my overall growth development. I am specially grateful to our Principal for her support throughout my journey. DMA provides a very healthy environment for every student in various domains , namely from academics to extra – curricular activities. Our teachers encourage us to participate in various co- curricular activities. I am proud to be a part of DMA fraternity.

Aryan Rana- BITS Pilani


The dedication and hard work of teachers has helped me to score good marks in Boards, JEE –Mains and JEE –Advanced.

CHIRAG RANA- 2021-22


DMA is giving my child so many advantages, I'm very grateful to see my ward as a student at the Rank.1st school in Meerut and extremely thankful to the teachers of this school for taking care and teaching my child. ,Thank you

Neetu Sharma Mother of Akshita Sharma 10 I


mpressed with the Co-Curricular activities organised by the school. This has helped my child to develop confidence and overcome stage fear. My kids are very happy to be at this school. Teachers are very nice and helpfull & Excellent teaching method

Parents Mukul bhati 5 A


Dayawati Modi Academy is doing excellent in all the fields especially giving a lot of exposure to children .Very nicely and organised Academic programme.Impressed by the co- curricular activities organised by the school.This has helped my child to develop confidence and overcome stage fear.I m very greatful to all teachers , Coordinator and principal .My child is groomed very well. Keep it up ! I wish a great success to Dayawati Modi Academy.

Shreyansh V E


1-School forms a good relationship between teachers and students.,2 - The environment of school motivates children to learn.,3- Discipline values the most in DMA. ,4- Teachers are well trained.,5- Really I am blessed to have such a school for my daughter.

Parents Anvita V C


I love my school and school life. I learn new things every day here and enjoy it with my friends. All my teachers love me and always support me. I learned discipline and time from my teachers



Good morning mam, ,I'm impressed with the co-curricular activities organised and very nicely planned by the school. This has help my child to develop confidence up a lot as earlier he was very introvert and overcome his stage fear. I am very grateful to all teachers, Coordinator and Principal. ,Thank you! I wish a great success to DMA.,

Mrs. Babita Mother of ward Shresth Poonia Class V-D


I have been studying with DMA &Maple Beer for last 8 Years, I never thought school can be so amazing. All the teachers are extremely supportive motivating us to take part in other curricular activities to which help us in grooming our overall personality

Parent of ANIRUDH V F


“We appreciate the motivating and open culture of the school, the teachers and staff of the school are very courteous and help the child to progress in all shapers, the strong school culture benefit the child academically as well as the society”

 –By parent side


"Enrolling my child in DMA has been one of the best decisions I've made for their academic and personal growth. The school's dedicated teachers and comprehensive curriculum have greatly contributed to my child's excellent academic progress. Moreover, the emphasis on character development and grooming has truly shaped my child into a well-rounded individual. I am impressed by the school's commitment to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages not only intellectual growth but also social and emotional development. I am confident that my child is in the right hands and on the path to a bright future.

Mother of Darsh VIB


Stable Administration, high Expectations, student centered, supportive mentor, team work & parental  involvement

Parent of Khyati Jain 5 f


M happy with my Ward's performance in academic area, curricular,and co curricular activities

Parent of Saanvi - 5 C


As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in my son. He is so blessed to have teachers like you and I feel exceptionally obliged to have my son studying in DMA Thanks for your endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. My son feels very comfortable, and he tries to follow his teacher as a role model at home.

Regards Father of Saksham Rana VIB


Dear Ma’am,"My child' Bhavik Bansal' is studying in school from past 5 years. I am very satisfied by seeing his learning , moral values, improvement and remarkable confidence level in my child's overall personality development, speaking skills, being creative and physical activity. I like the teaching system of Dayawati Modi Academy where focus is given not only on study but also on various aspects of learning process such as value education (especially via saksham classes) , our culture , creative & exhaustive way of learning. I would like to extend my gratitude towards School and also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue."

Thank You Parents of Bhavik Bansal (grade 5th A) Father's name: Mr Shyam Sorabh Bansal Mother's name: Ms Anshu Bansal


Respected Ma'am,,DMA identifies the strength and weakness of our kids and works to improve weakness and to shape the strength scientifically. DMA never forced students to study the orthodox education. The institution gives space to students to unfold their wings and to clear their doubts under the supervision of tremendous experienced teacher , At the same time DMA grooms the moral values of students. It can help to build an ideal community and a strong nation.,I am looking forward and hope the legacy of the institution continue.

My best wishes. Rahul Kumar F/O Annika 6 B


Thanks DMA,,"I am very appreciative of the efforts and Support",Lovely and caring staff, incredible school. My daughter (Aashvi Chauhan) from 5th and Son (Aaryash Chauhan) from SKG, has made brilliant progress. They love school and talk about their teacher and learning at home, always pretending to be a teacher. Very much appreciated the other curriculum activities and sports events organised by school.,We would highly recommend DMI to other parents as well.,Thanks Ritu Dewan Ma'am & All Teachers and Supporting Staff of DMA,

Regards Ashwani Chauhan Father of Aashvi Chauhan VB


Academics - outstanding ,Various activities - very good,General - very good

Parent of Akarshan IV A


Thank you for putting all your efforts with the children.We could see the improvement in Aarna's confidence level from last year. And it was great to see the excitement in her for further studies.

Parent of Aarna IV A


On academic front I appreciate all teachers for the hard work they put in specially the class teacher, And yes ,last but not the least ,Care provided by the school is the BEST

Parent of Kashvi IV E


Because of DMA's unwavering support, my child has shown dedication, enthusiasm, and a strong commitment to her studies. The nurturing environment and excellent teaching staff have played a pivotal role in her academic achievements.,Additionally, my child has actively participated in various curricular and co-curricular activities, showcasing her diverse talents and passion for holistic development. It's evident that DMA emphasis on a well-rounded education has provided her with ample opportunities to excel. ,DMA's contribution to my child's journey would not only motivate her but also serve as a testament to the quality education and holistic growth your institution fosters. I truly appreciate the effort put in by teachers and school.

Parent of Virika IV E


I am totally satisfied with the performance of my ward Lakshya Yadav's academics,curricular & co curricular activities in the school.Lakshya is doing good in every field with the support of all the teachers.,Thank you

Lakshay's Mother,4B


My daughter is performing well in studies .she is always excited to take part in extra curricular activities and sports . Thank u to all the teachers.

Dr. Seema Bansal Mother of Aaradhya Gupta class 4A


I would like to thank you yo provide a constructive and learning environment .My ward is doing well in academics.He is also showing intrest in extra curricular activities and grooming his hobbies and personality as well.,Thanks,

Student-Atharv Balyan Class- IV A Mother of Atharv Balyan-Bhavana Tomar


Good morning ma'am ,Thank you For all the encouragements, motivations, support, help, kindness , patience, advice and guidance and for always being there for him.,You all are special and kind teacher for students ,Thank you

Akshant tyagi  III D


Ishika is a very sincere girl. She is very hardworking, she tried to do everything. She is very positive. She is caring for everyone



Dear Class Teacher Ma'am and all the teaching team, ,We are writing this appreciation note to thank all of you for overall performance of our child "Shaurya Rai Singh" . As always you all are doing such a good job to groom our child in all areas wheather it is academic or sports. We appreciate all of you for the attention you give to our children individually which is making them so confident in there studies. We also want to say thanks to school management for developing such interesting study design .,We again thank you all for your efforts.

Yours sincerely Anudita/Pradeep Parents of Shaurya Rai Singh Class III D DMA


Dear DMA family,We are delighted to share our thoughts and experiences regarding the grooming, academics, activities, and general development of our beloved ward,AASHVI SHARMA grade 3A ,Grooming and Character Development:,We have witnessed remarkable growth in AASHVI’s overall personality and character .The emphasis on values, ethics, and social responsibility has truly left a positive impact on our child. Their courteous demeanor, empathy towards others, and ability to navigate various social situations reflect the strong foundation laid by the school.,Academics:,The rigorous academic curriculum at DMA has consistently challenged and nurtured AASHVI's intellectual capabilities. We appreciate the dedicated faculty who have not only imparted knowledge but also inspired a genuine love for learning. AASHVI has consistently demonstrated commendable academic performance, which we attribute to the school's commitment to academic excellence.,Extracurricular Activities:,The range of extracurricular activities offered at DMA has been instrumental in fostering a well-rounded development in AASHVI. We are thrilled to see our child enthusiastically explore their interests beyond the classroom.,General Development:,The nurturing environment and personalized attention provided by the school have contributed significantly to AASHVI's holistic development. We have noticed a remarkable improvement in their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and time management. The school's focus on holistic growth has undoubtedly prepared our child for the challenges of the future.,In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire DMA community for their unwavering commitment to our ward's growth and development. The experiences gained here will undoubtedly shape AASHVI's journey towards a successful and fulfilling life.,Thank you for being partners in our child's educational journey



Name -Ashwika Gambhir ,We are very much satisfied with the grooming of our ward. Her overall development is very good. Her aptitude and attitude is developing very well.She is learning a lot of new things daily and communicating to us very well. We really appreciate the efforts put by teachers and the complete staff in taking care of our Ashwika in a parental manner. ,Thank you

Regards Shikha Gambhir.


Respected Teachers/ DMA Institute,,Fisrt I would like to Thanks for DMA Institution for considiring our ward. We are pleased with teaching methods (The Canadian Method) which is different from other schools. Frankly speaking in past we are not aware very much about this mehod. which is quite different and looks familer now.,Two Teachers per Class-section is very nice concept for Nursing Childs. The execution of C/W & H/W is good, sharing all the works thru Whats app group which is good for parents as well.,If we can say in the term of academic our ward is improving and engage in activities. The major point now He understand English language more.,Thanks!!!

Regards Mother's- Vihaan Patwal Grade- 2A DMA


I choose DMA school for my son Harsh Vardhan with an expectation of best possible education as well as exposure to extra curricular activities for his all round development. The school is at par with my expectations and i am satisfied with the school's academic, sports and other curriculum to impart around growth of students. I really appreciate the efforts of the teachers in this regard.,The faculty is very supportive and friendly with students. My son has become more imaginative and confident now.

Ruby Deshwal M/o Harsh Vardhan 2-B


It has been a pleasant association with DMI till date. ,My ward is more independent for her studies now. She also enjoys her time at school where learning is done in fun way. The videos shown and experiments done add on to learning experience. 

Regards Satviki's Mother 2C


I am proud mother of adhira vihan.Thank you for the motherly love you have for all your students. You love and take care of them like they are one of your own. This has given us parents reassurance and confidence that our children are in safe hands. It’s good to have a female role model for the kids to look up to...... ,

Regard Adhira's Parents II A


Dear mam, Tanishq is more confident and positive. He now has new strategies to help him deal with the ups and downs of modern day life. He is happy and positive about school and learning. He always return home happy from school. Lots of improvement in reading and writing. Communication is good. His growth mindset and interest in new learnings shows your great effort, support, and love.

Parent of Tanishq II D


I m very pleased with the education of my son pranjal singh .I have noticed a significant improvement in my son performance, behavior and skills I'm truly amazed by the dedication and positive attitude that brings to work every day. And their teachers are too good. Thankyou


Dear mam's... I would like to thank you as well as congratulate all the staff behind the success of DMA ... Also guiding the students so well and always support the child in every situation... ,In academic activities child learn so much things....,so thank you for grooming my child so well...

Parents- Pooja Singh, Pankaj Pardeshi.


Respected Teachers/ DMA Institute, Fisrt I would like to Thanks for DMA Institution for considiring our ward. We are pleased with teaching methods (The Canadian Method) which is different from other schools. Frankly speaking in past we are not aware very much about this mehod. which is quite different and looks familer now.,Two Teachers per Class-section is very nice concept for Nursing Childs. The execution of C/W & H/W is good, sharing all the works thru Whats app group which is good for parents as well.,If we can say in the term of academic our ward is improving and engage in activities. The major point now He understand English language more.,

Thanks! Regards Mother's- Vihaan Patwal Grade- II A DMA


I am glad and proud that my ward Miss Himangi Jain, Class I -A, is doing very good in academics and improving day by days. Teachers are very supportive and taught her with activities and live examples. She is also participating in lot of activities like Dancing and shloka chanting which enhance her speaking ability and thoughts process. Proud to be in DMA.

Utsav Jain Father of Himangi Jain


I am satisfied with the academic performance of my ward, his activities and general development.Continued Personal attention on the ward will be appreciated.,

Thanks and regards Dr.Sanket Tyagi F/O Kushagra Tyagi


DMA School has numerous positive points that make it a wonderful educational institution. Firstly, the school boasts a highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff, who go above and beyond to provide quality education to students. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, emphasizing both academic excellence and practical skill development. DMA School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, catering to the diverse interests of students and encouraging their overall personality development. The school's infrastructure is modern and well-equipped, providing a conducive learning environment. Moreover, DMA School fosters a strong sense of community, promoting inclusivity and teamwork among students. Overall, DMA School stands out as a place that not only emphasizes academic growth but also nurtures well-rounded individu NJals empowered for success in the future.

By Darsh Soam XII-B


Hello everyone Dayawati modi academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in meerut and for good reasons. The school focuses on overall development of its students through various means such as annual functions, speech competitions, art and craft club etc. The teachers inspire students to work in various fields based on their inclinations while at the same time maintaining and achieving their academic goals. Students get freedom to pursue their passions which is evident by the diversity in profession of the school's alumini.,Overall the school provides a nurturing environment to everyone and as a parent we are likely to recommend it to others as well.,

Kapil Garg F/O Dhruv Garg Session 2014 -15


Dayawati Modi Academy is doing great in giving a lot of exposure to children. Very nicely planned and organised academic programme. Good efforts by all teachers and the initiative of taking extra classes for the improvement of their particular subjects of the students amazed me .

Dharamveer singh F/o Ayush singh Grade XII/I


Greetings of the day, My name is Neeraj Gupta, I am father of Anvit Gupta who passed out his 12th from DMA this year in 2023. I would like to share my experience of being a parent of my child who studied in DMA. I admitted my child in DMA in the year - 2008. He studied here from Prenursary to 12th. His complete schooling is done from DMA bcz we believed in the faculty and really appreciate the efforts of the Faculty for providing quality education to my ward. The Teachers are very helpful and Supportive. My ward Scored good marks during his Whole schooling with the help of all the teachers. I have always Recommended and vouched for the school's growth and urged my acquaintances to enrol their children this Prestigious school for providing quality education to their ward.

 Neeraj Gupta.


DMA has always been at the forefront of making sure my child got the right platform both Academically and in Extra Curricular Activities. He was able to develop his social skills largely due to the support of his teachers and the opportunities that the school provided. Really feel proud in saying that my child is an Ex-DMAite

Shivani Goel Mother of vishes Goel Batch 2018


DMA is one of the most prestigious and renowned school of the city. I had always wanted my kids to be a part of its legacy. So I admitted them here. This school has helped my wards in expanding their knowledge sphere and excel in the world of academics. I thank all the teachers, staff and principal of DMA for their contribution.

Arvind Kumar Father of Himanshu Kumar and Neeraj Kumar (batch 2017).


DMA’s focus on quality education as well as extra-curricular activities has helped my ward shape her personality in many ways. With the whole-hearted support from her teachers, she was able to hone her debating and leadership skills in the school and won several accolades. The teachers’ availability and affability for doubt clearing, student-friendly teaching approach and several mock exams before the Board Examinations helped my daughter tremendously in her studies. I am thankful to DMA for always encouraging the best in my child.

Rajesh Khanna (F/o Rajsi Khanna, batch of 2019-20)