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Welcome To Dayawati Modi Academy

42+ years of teaching learning sharing & caring…….
The epic voyage that Dayawati Modi Academy embarked upon in 19 81, reads a great odyssey of sincere toil, perseverance persistent endeavours, endurance and faith of the deft and diligent hands that have worked concertedly over 41+ years to bring it to its presents glory and eminence. Spreading over an area of 7 acres with strength of more then 3200+ students and more than 180+ teachers, the Academy has been a proactive institution of learning with a blend of values, tradition, technology and above all, a quest for excellence. Attitude and perceptions affect our ability to learn and conducive learning environment at DMA fosters an ambience of community and collaboration; source and acceptance as well as joy and challenge.

About Us


Our school has a fully equipped Information Technology Lab with the latest computers and software. Students can access the lab to research, create projects, and learn how to use technology to their advantage.
Our school science lab facility is equipped with all the latest equipment, technology, and resources necessary to support a range of scientific investigations.
Robotics Lab
We are offering courses in robotics for kids in grades 1 through 8.

Awards & Achievements

School Gallery

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